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Angela’s Tips – Singing & Swallowing


Q: The Need to Swallow When Singing I am still enjoying and learning from your book, but I have a personal singing problem. I sometime cannot sing a long phrase or several phrases of melody within a song before I feel the need to swallow the saliva in my mouth and start a new [...]

Angela’s Tips – Singing & Swallowing2016-12-03T01:57:27-08:00

Ask Angela – Diaphragm Support


Q: Degrees of Diaphragm Support “After seeing some of your free teaching videos, I now understand that different ranges of my voice will require different degrees of diaphragm support. I am a bit unclear how to figure that out when I am actually learning a song.” Annika T. A: Hi Annika! Good question! When first [...]

Ask Angela – Diaphragm Support2016-12-03T01:57:27-08:00

Ask Angela – Vocal Power Question


Q: Stronger Notes Higher In My Range “I am having a hard time hitting the higher notes with any power. My voice seems to get really weak when I go for the high notes when I need to sound more like a Diva.” Katheryne S. A: Hi Katheryne! It sounds like you are disconnected from [...]

Ask Angela – Vocal Power Question2016-12-03T01:57:28-08:00
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