“I want to weave my musical magic spell and dust the room with sparkles”

Angela’s Story

Bewitched by a song!

After my humble beginning in the Manitoba music scene, I graduated with honours from the vocal program at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. When I came back to Canada, I was thrilled to become the lead singer and a principal writer for Farmer’s Daughter, an Award Winning country group. We enjoyed major Canadian success with Gold albums, numerous CMT videos, TV appearances, extensive touring as well as multiple Juno, CCMA, and BCCMA Awards.

The System is Born

Exhausted from the road, I knew that I wanted to settle down and start a family. As luck would have it, I discovered that I loved to teach. After 10 years of vocal coaching, I launched “The 5 Point Singing System” in order to accommodate my international students. I wanted to create a vocal program using a straight forward, easy to understand method that was also entertaining and interactive. This system gives beginners a safe place to start, and offers professional singers a tune-up and some butt kicking before going into the studio or on tour.

My Multiple Personalities

On top of touring, songwriting and creating the 5 Point System, my dream of becoming a mother also came true. Having a little one in the house got me inspired to create kids’ music. My first kids’ album was nominated for a Juno and spawned my sing-a-long book series. It was so much fun to unleash my inner 5 year old and create catchy, action packed songs and beautifully illustrated books. As my new audience grew, I was invited to perform my kids’ repertoire at different children’s events around the country.

Still Singing and Dancing!

In my spare time (LOL), I continue to gig with my dream bands: The Polyester Philharmonic, performing my favourite songs from the 60s and 70s, my Café Brasilia Band featuring North American Pop with South American Style, and my Groovy Lounge Band featuring beloved songs from the 40’s to current day. I’m proud of my ability to wear 6” platform heels, sing, dance and keep an audience engaged for 3 hours as well as anyone half my age, AND look fabulous doing it.

“Cruising down the highway, 90 miles an hour, she’s gone, she’s on, her own freeway.” – “Freeway” by Farmer’s Daughter

Angela’s Street Cred:


  • Farmer’s Daughter – Juno Award Winning Country Trio
  • Polyester Philharmonic – Retro Dance Band
  • Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California – Graduated with Honours
  • Tom & Angela – Lounge Duo
  • CP Express – High School Band


  • Peak Performance Project – Vocal Coach since 2012
  • 5 Point Singing System – Online Vocal Manual
  • Vocal Coaching – for Adults and Kids


  • 5 Point Singing System – Online Vocal Manual
  • Sing Along Books:
  • Frank the Cat
  • Disco Dinosaurs
  • Funky Monkey


Albums – Farmer’s Daughter

  • The Best of Farmer’s Daughter
  • This is the Life
  • Makin’ Hay – Gold Album
  • Girls Will Be Girls – Gold Album

Solo Albums:

  • Cafe Brasilla
  • Casa do Samba
  • Angela May’s Magnificent Musical Menagerie
  • Jingle Recording

Background Vocal Recording


Juno Awards


  • Best Country Group or Duo

CCMA – Canadian Country Music Awards

  • 1997 Group or Duo of the Year
  • 1995 Vista Rising Star

BCCMA Awards – British Columbia Country Music Awards


Group of the Year


  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Single of the Year, “Walkin’ In The Sunshine”


  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Song of the Year, “Blue Horizon”
  • Single of the Year, “Blue Horizon”
  • Album of the Year, This Is the Life


  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Group of the Year


  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Single of the Year, “Cornfields or Cadillacs”


  • Entertainer of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Song of the Year, “Borderline Angel”
  • Single of the Year, “Borderline Angel”


  • Album of the Year, Girls Will Be Girls


TV Appearances

  • Canada AM
  • Dini Petty Show
  • Mike Bullard Show
  • Vicki Gabereau Show
  • A Date with the Daughters – Farmer’s Daughter TV Special
  • CCM Award Shows
  • Crook & Chase Show – The Nashville Network
  • The Rita McNeil Show

Extensive Touring

  • Calgary Stampede
  • Edmonton Klondike Days
  • Canadian National Exhibition
  • Pacific National Exhibition
  • Parliament Hill – Canada Day Celebration

CMT Videos – Country Music Television

  • “You and Only You”
  • “Walkin’ in the Sunshine”
  • “Blue Horizon”
  • “Freeway”
  • “Inclemency”
  • “Now That I’m On My Own”
  • “Lonely Gypsy Wind”
  • “Cornfields or Cadillacs”
  • “Fallin’ Outta Love”
  • “Callin’ All You Cowboys”
  • “Borderline Angel”